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About Tindra Design

Tindra Design works with light design and lighting planning. We have a lot of experience of light and lighting from exhibitions, interior lighting in both private and public environments as well as parks and street lighting. Please see our page with references where you will find, among other things, commissions for Linköping Kraftnät (Swedish energy provider with more than 215 000 customers). We have also taken part in Ullevileden, Naturcentrum and Novemberljus 2005, among others, all of which are popular recreation destinations.

Tindra Design is a member of the Swedish Lighting Society . The company's founder, Charlotta Mattsson, has a diploma in light and lighting planning from Ljushögskolan in Jönköping, Sweden, a renouned lighting college.

Our objective is to produce creative allround solutions for lighting, which meet the customer's needs and take into consideration the customer's wishes and prerequisites. Tindra Design also works for a cost-effective and energy-efficient lighting scheme, taking into account operation and maintenance costs.

Tindra Design respects the environment as far as is technically and economically possible. By planning projects with consideration of the light sources' and light-fittings' characteristics, maintenance and energy consumption, the result is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.


Lotta Mattsson, grundare av Tindra Design.
Lotta Mattsson, founder of Tindra Design.

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