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Tindra Design works with light composition, lighting and light design both indoors and outdoors, see our references. We have experience from many different projects within the public sector such as town environments, parks, facade lighting, path and bicycle tunnels, residential areas, workplaces, conference rooms and rest areas.

We also work with private individuals and companies where we have experience of [light composition/lighting] in trade fair displays, watercourses, private homes and gardens. Other commissions we have undertaken are temporary installations, Christmas lighting, evaluation of existing projects and programme descriptions.

We analyse the customer's needs and find individually tailored solutions for your environment. We are completely independent of manufacturers and work in a network of different consultants.

Some of our services in lighting, light composition and light design are:

  • Lighting planning
  • Light design
  • Light calculation
  • Evaluation of lighting constructions and fittings
  • Trial lighting
  • Visual evaluation
  • Park illumination
  • Seminars
  • City lighting
  • Environment lighting
  • Effect lighting
  • Facade lighting
  • Home lighting
  • Kitchen lighting
  • Showcase lighting
  • Projection on wall
  • Public lighting

Tindra Design has a policy not to recommend a light-fitting that we have not seen; if it is a new fitting or light source we arrange a trial lighting in order to make a visual evaluation. This means that we look at the fitting, judge it by eye, and assess how we experience the light. We also offer light calculations in order to see, in a technical sense, how the project looks, and if it meets recommendations.

  facade lighting
Facade lighting of corporate building in Linköping, Sweden.

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