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Tindra design works with light composition for both indoor and outdoor environments. Our services include projects ranging from lighting parks and facades to light design in private homes.

No two projects are the same. So please do not hesitate to contact us for a consultation.

Examples of light design, light composition and lighting

Tree lighting

Märkesbacken at Linköping University, Sweden.
Facade lighting

Facade lighting

Gefion 5 Rapp real estates, Skövde, Sweden.

Light seminar

Kyrkparken, Skövde, Sweden.

Facade lighting

Vattentornet, Linköping, Sweden.

Light design

Novemberljus 2006, Linköping, Sweden.

City lighting and effect lighting

Strandgatan, Linköping, Sweden.

For pictures of more projects within light design, light composition and lighting, see our references.


Our services

Tindra Design works with light composition, lighting and light design. These in turn contain many specific services. The list below is a selection of the type of projects we get within lighting, light composition and light design. If there's anything you are missing, then feel free to contact us.


  • Lighting planning
  • Light design
  • Light calculation
  • Evaluation of lighting constructions and fittings
  • Trial lighting
  • Visual evaluation
  • Park illumination
  • Seminars



Why Tindra Design?

By choosing Tindra Design you get help with planning your project. Our aim is to create a pleasant and safe environment which is suited to the project's purpose. With our experience of different light sources, control systems and fittings, we will find you a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution.

Tindra Design can offer it's services to both new and existing projects. Certain knowledge from the customer can be required in order to create an understanding of the dificulties of lighting. In particular to


see and understand the differences between a well-planned project and a less well-planned one. Lighting planning is also very much about formation and visual experience.

Every project is unique and demands it's own lighting plan, based on the customer's needs. So it is a benefit if the light and lighting planners are contacted early on in the planning process.

Read more about our services.

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